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Glossary of acronyms used on the SAR Online website
AML Anti-Money Laundering
ARA Asset Recovery Agency
ARS Asset Recovery System
BBA British Bankers' Association
CPIA Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996
CSV Comma Separated Variable
DAML Defence Against Money Laundering
DATF Defence Against Terrorist Financing
DFID Department for International Development
DPA Data Protection Act 2018
DTOA Drug Trafficking Offences Act 1986
DWP Department of Work and Pensions
ECHR European Convention on Human Rights
EGMONT An international working group of Financial Intelligence Units
ELMER The NCA’s SAR database
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
FATF Financial Action Task Force
FCA Financial Conduct Authority
FFIU Foreign Financial Intelligence Unit
FI Financial Investigator
FIU Financial Intelligence Unit / Financial Investigation Unit
FOIA Freedom of Information Act 2000
FSMA Financial Services and Markets Act 2000
HMG Her Majesty's Government
HMRC Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs
IFA Independent Financial Adviser
JMLSG Joint Money Laundering Steering Group
KYC Know Your Customer
LEA Law Enforcement Agency
ML Money Laundering
MLAC Money Laundering Advisory Committee
MLIT Money Laundering Investigation Team
MLRO Money Laundering Reporting Officer
MLRs Money Laundering Regulations 2017
MSB Money Service Business
NCA National Crime Agency
NIM National Intelligence Model
NTFIU National Terrorist Financial Investigation Unit
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
PII Public Interest Immunity
PNC Police National Computer
POCA The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
PSNI Police Service Northern Ireland
PSU Professional Standards Unit
RAF Recovered Assets Fund
SAR Suspicious Activity Report
SB Special Branch
SDEA Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency
SMLU Scottish Money Laundering Unit
SPOC Single Point of Contact
SS Security Services
TACT Terrorism Act 2000
TFT Terrorist Finance Team
URN Unique Reference Number
VAT Value Added Tax

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