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When should I submit a SAR to the NCA?

Persons working in the regulated sector are required under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) and the Terrorism Act 2000 (TACT) to submit a SAR if they have a knowledge or a suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing. Reporters can seek a defence against money laundering (DAML) and/or terrorist financing (DATF) as outlined in legislation. This was previously known as ‘seeking consent’.

Persons not in the regulated sector also have an obligation to submit a SAR, and may be committing an offence of failing to report if there is knowledge or a suspicion of money laundering/terrorist financing activity or criminal property.

The NCA is not able to provide advice on whether or not a SAR should be submitted. For queries of this nature, please contact your appropriate regulator, trade body, anti-money laundering supervisor or seek independent legal advice.

SARs are not crime or fraud reports. If you wish to report a crime or a fraud, please contact your local police service on 101 or Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

How do I submit a SAR to the NCA?

The easiest way to submit a SAR is via electronic submmission on SAR Online. The portal offers a free, 24/7, efficient and secure method for completing and submitting SARs, and provides an instant acknowledgement and reference number. Detailed step-by-step guidance is available within this portal and on the NCA website -

If you are not able to submit your report electronically, it is possible to submit a hard copy. There are seven required forms, and these can be found on the NCA website. Completed forms can be posted to: UKFIU, PO Box 8000, London SE11 5EN.

If you currently submit SARs by post and would like to submit electronically, or for any SAR Online technical support, please contact the SAR Online Support Team via email at or call the SAR Online voice message service on 020 7238 8282.

High-volume reporters should continue using their existing electronic encrypted bulk file submission system.

Acknowledgement of SAR Receipt

The NCA will not formally acknowledge any SAR sent by post. SARs submitted electronically via SAR Online or through the bulk encryption system receive an acknowledgment which includes an automatically generated reference number.

If you have submitted a DAML or DATF request, the relevant team will contact you directly with the decision on whether or not a defence has been granted by telephone within the seven day notice period, and then email or post the appropriate letter to you as confirmation.

If you have any queries relating to acknowledgments please contact SAR Online Support Team via email at or call the voice message service on 020 7238 8282.

Protection of Sources

Protection of SARs sources is of utmost importance and it is imperative that their identity is protected during and following SAR submission. Many reporters share similar or identical names, and so it is important that source registration forms are completed with as many details as possible. In the case of hard copy reporting, the source registration form should be sent in with the first SAR. If any source details change, a new source registration form should be sent as soon as possible to the NCA and marked as an update to the original record.

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