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Your security

Common technical issues experienced by SAR Online users are mostly related to the browser used to access the portal. The latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari are compatible. Internet Explorer and other browsers will allow access to SAR Online but may introduce compatibility issues.

You must ensure that you keep your browser software up to date with any critical updates that may be issued by the software supplier. This will protect the security of your submissions, and may resolve other technical issues you are experiencing with the portal.

You should also ensure that you use up-to-date virus protection, firewall and anti-spyware software, to ensure that your computer is not revealing the information to a hacker as you type it.

The website will never employ pop-ups. If your browser offers to save passwords for you, you should ensure that the computer you are using will not be accessible to malicious users.

Never write your password down or store it in plain text on your computer. The website provides the ability to receive a password hint or completely reset the password if you enter it incorrectly.

Email policy

Most attacks are aimed at people, not computers. To help you avoid these, the NCA has implemented the following policy:

Emails sent from this site will contain the minimum information necessary. They will be sent in plain text, without attachments or links. If you receive an email purporting to be from this website and asking you to click a link, open an attachment or otherwise reveal your personal information, then you should delete that email immediately.

The only emails you should expect to receive are:

  • An activation code - on registration, nomination or when you reset your password
  • A ‘Welcome to SAR Online’ email – for newly-registered main accounts (nominated users will not receive this).
  • A password hint - if you have requested it
  • A confirmation email - when you submit a report
Technical details

There is no requirement to accept persistent cookies, run Java or enable Active X scripting to use this site.

A session cookie will be required to support the security of the session, but this will be deleted when you log out from the site. If JavaScript is enabled then the site will employ slightly more advanced controls, but these are not essential.

You should ensure that the address displayed in the browser header starts ‘https:’ and not ‘http:’. This confirms that you are on a secure website and your information cannot be intercepted.

The website employs a minimum of 128-bit security. Every page where you are asked to enter data must show a padlock symbol on the browser. Clicking on this symbol will confirm that you are running 128-bit security, and will also display the NCA certificate confirming identity. Users of older browser versions may need specific updates to enable this level of security.

The website is constantly monitored to protect your information and the site itself. The NCA reserves the right to terminate connections or remove data regarded as inappropriate or dangerous.


By default many browsers are set up so they do not print the background colours and images of a web page. If you would like your printed copies to look exactly as they do on screen you may need to change your settings.

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