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New User Registration

Before registering on this site you should consider the following:

In order to register you must possess a working email account to which you have access. This email address will be your SAR Online user ID and can therefore only be used once - i.e. no two users can use the same email address. The system is designed so that any New User Registration requires the user to register the details of the reporting entity they represent. To ensure that these details are accurate it is recommended that the registering user be an official responsible for the anti-money laundering (AML) compliance within the organisation, such as the MLRO, nominated officer or similar.

The details of the reporting entity captured within the registration process include key contact details. This important information will enable the UKFIU to:

  • Ascertain the bona fides of any registration, and
  • Correctly apportion all SARs subsequently submitted by that user (or group of users) to the correct entity.

Once the registration is activated (details below) the new user will be able to nominate their colleagues (details also below). The accounts of all and any subsequent users nominated in this manner will ensure that they are contained within the same reporting entity within SAR Online and will negate the need for each of the added colleagues to replicate the registration process.

Failure to adhere to this process will result in the same reporting entity being registered more than once (under separate but similar IDs) on SAR Online, which will mean that each registered user from the same entity will be unable to access and share their SARs with their colleagues.

Corporate Groups

Where you, as a user, represent a number of corporate organisations under a larger group, you will have to decide in which way you would like to construct your SAR Online user groupings. You have the choice of two structures:

  • You can choose to register only one of the corporate entities on SAR Online. You can then add all the users for all the groups under this one entity. You can then identify each SAR as being from any of the smaller organisations within your larger corporate group through the use of the Branch/Office/Outlet fields on each SAR header. This permits you to see all of your group's SARs under one user ID. However, all shared SARs will be visible to other groups - a situation you may wish to avoid.
  • Alternatively, if you possess a unique email address for each organisation, you could register each group separately on SAR Online. You would then be able to select which of your colleagues you would add to each entity as SAR Online users. This means, however, that you would need to maintain a number of user IDs and have to log in to each one to see the SARs held for the group each user ID represents.
Private Individual Users

You can register as a private individual using your own name in the ‘Institution Name’ field. For any fields on the form that don’t apply to you, simply select ‘Other’, ‘Unknown’, or ‘Private Individual’. If you wish to report anonymously, please submit your SAR via post.

Please do not register as the company you are reporting on.


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