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When do I submit a SAR to NCA?

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 expanded, reformed and consolidated the UK's criminal money laundering offences. Most of the offences under the Act apply to all individuals and businesses in the UK, however, some apply only to those doing business in the 'regulated sector'. A SAR should be made as soon as the knowledge or suspicion that criminal proceeds exist has arisen, especially if consent may be required, or at the earliest opportunity thereafter.

How do I submit my suspicion to NCA?

NCA's preferred method is for reporters to submit their suspicion in the NCA Suspicious Activity Report Format. NCA prefers these forms to be submitted electronically (see below) but hardcopy versions of the forms (including Limited Intelligence Value Reports) can be found on the NCA website or obtained directly from NCA. These can then be posted to the address below. Only hardcopy Consent requests should be faxed to 020 7238 8286 and do not need to be posted as well.

Electronic Reporting

Those organisations that currently use the Encrypted Bulk File submission system should continue to submit reports electronically, using the existing reporting format. Any enquiries should be directed to the UKFIU on 0207 238 2888

Please do not email completed disclosures to NCA without encryption.

SAR Online, this web based reporting facility, has been designed to facilitate the secure and efficient completion and submission of SARs. Please refer to the facilities as described on the SAR Online home page and follow the relevant guidance and Help. If SAR Online does not suit your current needs, but you wish to report using electronic means, please contact the UKFIU on 0207 238 8282.

Hardcopy reporting

Any reporter choosing not to use one of the electronic reporting methods is advised to obtain a copy of the NCA Preferred Form. Those wishing to complete reports on their own computer should download the form(s) from the NCA website. Alternatively, to request versions of the forms (for completion by hand) and the Guidance on completing the form, please telephone 020 7238 8282 (please select the appropriate telephone option).

Please do not complete the version of the Form downloaded from the Internet by hand as the misreading of handwriting increases the potential for errors when disclosures are keyed onto the NCA system.

Hardcopy reports should be sent to: UK FIU, PO Box 8000, London SE11 5EN.
If you currently submit by post but would like to submit electronically, please contact the UKFIU on 0207 238 8282.

Source Registration

Confidentiality is something that NCA takes seriously and as such we are keen to create an environment within which the reporters and NCA can communicate securely. There are many reporters that share similar or identical names with others throughout the country. Therefore, it is important that source registration forms are completed with as many details as possible and, in the case of hard copy reporting, sent in with the first SAR. If any of the details change, a subsequent source registration form should be sent as soon as possible to NCA marked as an update to the original record.

What information should a SAR contain?

Guide to completing the NCA disclosure form

If you are not completing the form using one of the electronic methods outlined above, the form should be completed on the computer-generated template, which is available to download from the NCA website, but if this is not possible it should be typed onto a paper copy. A number of fields within the computer-generated template can be completed by selecting options from dropdown menus. The guidance notes explain what information is required in the Standard form template and are to be read in conjunction with the form itself.

It is important that the relevant information is completed within the appropriate fields and not merely placed within the 'Reasons for Suspicion' field.

There are a number of fields that should be completed in order for a report to be accepted by NCA. These fields are: Your Ref (even if none), Disclosure Type, New or Update, Source ID, Source Outlet ID, Today's Date, (Main Subject) Surname or Company Name and Reasons for Suspicion'. Following this, according to the additional information you have available, a number of fields within each section must be completed if you are filling in that section and are identified below in bold italics.

For a more detailed explanation of the template itself, please contact the NCA SAR Team (contact details at end of notes).

Acknowledgement Letters

NCA will not acknowledge any SAR sent by fax, post, or by letter. Electronic submissions through money.web, bulk submission or through the SAR Online system, will receive an acknowledgment which will include an automatically generated ELMER reference number.

If you have submitted a consent request, the Consent Team will contact you directly with the decision by telephone within the seven day notice period, and then post the appropriate letter to you as confirmation.

If you have any queries relating to acknowledgments please write to the SAR Team at UKFIU, PO BOX 8000, London, SE11 5EN.

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